Living Rome


Find out Rome’s main attractions as well as the most uncommon ones thank to our guided tours. Explore some of the most uncommon visits in the city of Rome and find out the thousands facets of it:

The Coliseum

Built by Emperor Vespasiano to host the fights between gladiators and lions along with some naval wars representations, the Coliseum is still the most representative monument of Rome. Whoever comes to visit the Italian capital will be eager to admire this architectural masterpiece, which will amaze those tourists who visit it for the first time.

The Pantheon 

This well-known monument houses the remains of Raffaello Sanzio along with the ones of several other Italian rulers such as Vittorio Emanuele II, Umberto I and Margherita di Savoia. Every year this structure, built during the Roman Empire with a 360-degrees perspective, is visited by millions of people.

The Trevi fountain 

Who has never dreamt to launch a coin and make a wish inside the Trevi fountain? A simple action done by millions of tourists coming from all over the world on a daily basis. The fountain, designed by the architect Niccolò Salvi, represents the sea based upon an harmonious mix between the classicist and the baroque styles.

Piazza Navona

(Navona Square) Vibrant and beloved place by Romans, its main attraction is the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi (Four Lakes Fountain), a XVII century work by Bernini. Frequented every day and every night by thousands of people, it is an unmissable attraction for those who want to admire one of the nicest corners of the city. 

Piazza di Spagna

With its famous staircase, it is one of the best known squares in the city. 135 steps connect the Spanish embassy to the church Trinità dei Monti. A number of steps arise along the terrace gardens offering a highly visual floral show during the high season.

The suburb of Trastevere 

One of the most typical suburbs, it is well-known for safeguarding the innermost essence of the Roman spirit. Medieval houses, cobblestone floors: here one can breathe a different and more authentic atmosphere which is worth experiencing by taking a long walk between the various alleys.

The San Pietro Cathedral 

A breath-taking masterpiece, the cathedral overlooks the famous square designed by Bernini. Here the greatest artists worked from the Renaissance to the Baroque contributing with the creation of outstanding works. A must-visit place for believers and non-believers who should regard it as a top attraction.

The Roman Forum

Represent the religious, political and commercial hotspot of the Ancient Rome, visited every year by millions of foreign tourists. Here tourists can breathe the origins of the imperial history: come and walk around the remains of the Temple of Vespasiano, the Arch of Settimio and the Temple of Saturno just to mention a few.


This Roman hill is home to beautiful and low advertised itineraries. Here you will admire Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta along with the famous hole from which you can see San Pietro in miniature as well as Santa Sabina, Santa Prisca and Sant’Alessio cathedrals.

Basilica di San Clemente

By entering this IV century cathedral you will travel backward in time. Here 2000 years of history are preserved through beautiful mosaics and majestic frescos.

San Callisto catacombs

Located in the area of Appia Antica, catacombs appeared approximately in the middle of the II century, after the Quo Vadis? Church. Here some dozens of martyrs, sixteen popes and many other Christians were buried, among which Pope San Zefirino and the martyr San Tarcisio.

The Roman shopping 

After so much history and art, it is worthy to dedicate some hours to shopping. In our capital you will indeed find exclusive shops selling the best brands on the market. The best areas for a full shopping immersion are undoubtedly situated between Via del Corso and Via del Babuino as you will find all the most important Italian and international fashion-related stores. In addition you may also want to visit the zones of Piazza di Spagna and Camo Marzio. As for the local markets, the most famous one is arguably Port Portese in which you can find any sort of thing. 


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